Pigment Reducer Bundle

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Brighten Vitamin C Serum: Illuminate your skin and diminish pigmentation with the Brighten Vitamin C Serum. Infused with Vitamin C, this serum enhances skin radiance, evens out skin tone, and boosts collagen production for a luminous appearance.

Res-V-Retinol Night Cream: Renew your skin overnight with the Res-V-Retinol Night Cream. Formulated with retinol and resveratrol, this potent night cream targets hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles, promoting skin renewal and clarity while you sleep.

Protect Tinted Moisturizer SPF50: Complete your daytime skincare routine with the Protect Tinted Moisturizer SPF50. This mineral and reef-friendly moisturizer provides broad-spectrum sun protection and a tinted finish for a flawless look.

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Product Description

Pigment Reducer Bundle

Embrace the comprehensive benefits of the Anti-Aging & Calming Cleanser, Pigmentation Correcting Serum, and Mineral Tinted Moisturizer bundle to care for your skin, reduce pigmentation issues, and enhance your overall complexion.


said skin feels smoother.


said skin feels purified.


said pores look visibly refined and tightened.

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Better Health Starts On The Surface

What sets Healthy Skin Lab apart from other "clean" beauty brands is its unwavering commitment to innovation and scientific based transformative results. In essence, Healthy Skin Lab is focused on crafting products that deliver rapid visible results that are good for you and the environment.

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3 Steps To Healthy Skin

Your ultimate daily morning routine. The bundle includes your anti-ageing & calming cleanser, pigmentation correcting and toning serum and the ultimate mineral & reef friendly tinted moisturiser.

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By Dr. Sharad Paul

For over two decades, Professor Sharad Paul has devoted his life's work to the pursuit of healthier and more radiant skin. His unwavering dedication to uncovering the mysteries of skin health and aging has not only redefined industry standards but has also positively impacted countless lives across the globe